What is otoFoto?

otoFoto is a free web application for professional photographers and their clients, allowing uploading and selecting photos for albums.

otoFoto started as a final project for my Software Engineering diploma.
Nowadays, otoFoto is serving photographers and clients with great results, improving the whole selection experience in less time, while minimizing the photographers' time-consuming processes, doing much of their work automatically and with great ease.

Why otoFoto?

  1. Experience
    otoFoto has been operational since 2011, gaining a great deal of knowlege about what photographers need.
  2. Security
    otoFoto uses secure connections (https) and encrypted passwords in the database. That'll keep hackers from taking over your account, in case anyone tries anything funny...
  3. Privacy
    otoFoto is not a commercial application and we simply do not track you. No third party tracking, no Facebook connections, no Google analytics, no installation on your phone or desktop computer... This is how much we appreciate your privacy.
  4. Simplicity
    otoFoto's learning curve is sharp. You'll get the hang of the system in no-time. otoFoto has everything you need for getting your clients' selections done, with speed and ease.
  5. Price
    otoFoto is free! Never say 'no' to free stuff (though if you feel like buying me a beer, that'd be appreciated :))
  6. Community support
    otoFoto's community is unique in the sense that we all help each other, in otoFoto's Facebook group. Response times are low and any question will be answered and issues are resolved very quickly.
  7. Awesomeness
    otoFoto is awesome! Give it a try. It does almost anything. If you find something it doesn't do, let me know, and I just might add that new feature in the next version release ;)

Who am I?

My name is Matan Narkiss, a programmer with a passion for photography.
I live in Israel and studied Software Engineering in Shenkar College for Engineering and Design.
I currently work as a web software developer in BlueVine.

My personal website is www.MatanNarkiss.com

I hope you find this tool helpful. If you do, I would LOVE hearing about it through the contact
on my website.


I would like to thank every photographer who took the time to suggest features, report bugs and of course - use otoFoto!
None of this would mean anything without you!

I dedicate this application for my beloved wife and life partner - Rivka Narkiss, for whom I started building this app in the first place and has insipred me and motivated me through the hard times.

yoram gnat Also, I would like to honor the memory of Dr. Yoram Gnat, who passed away last January (2016).
Yoram was my professor in Shenkar and this project's advisor. This is yet another contribution to the memory of a man whom will be missed, but not forgotten.